Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Exhibit

A notice found of de art show my friend, Matt Foley, done for me, him.

"In a world rife with crime, violence, gangs and drugs, DuFauve frequently casts a critical eye at modern society's shortcomings. He sees things in black and white, contending that we all make choices, so - in reality - there are no gray areas. The artist is not without a sense of humor. DuFauve feels laughter is the salve that sooths the savage beast. Still, life is no joke. Too often filled with tears.. DuFauve's work reflects that condition. Immediate, brash, emotional, raw are apropos terms when applied to characterizing his style of painting. There is a vitality and exuberance in the works and though there is a perceived immediacy to the execution of the work, the paintings actually take quite some time to reach completion. Christian DuFauve is a voice crying out in the wilderness we seem to insist in creating, where a utopia would be so much more pleasant."

KMUW 89.1 Public Radio exhibition notice

The Lady and the Tramp

The Big Easy.
She a sweaty place, a hard place, her - but a beautiful lady with grace and elegance not often found elsewhere. She can glide like a dancer and swear like a sailer - as smooth as silk and as course as old sandpaper. Even the most powerful forces of nature could never erase her indomitable spirit.

She can be as sugared as a beignet (a square donut with no hole and a good way to "fritter" away the morning), as hot as a saxophone soliloquy, as humid as a jogger's armpit.

She's a baby, don't meen ma'be, she a real honey pie.

The Saga of Continuing Sorrows

from the The Times-Picayune

Man shot to death on Hollygrove Street
New Orleans police are investigating the shooting death of a 25-year-old local man who was found early this morning in the 4200 block of Hollygrove Street.

Two more men arrested for murder of 16-year-old Roderick Gordon in Iberville complex
Two men were arrested this morning for the May 22nd murder of a 16-year-old in the Iberville public housing complex.

Pair of brothers arrested after carjacking, police chase through New Orleans and Metairie
Two brothers were arrested in Metairie this morning after a carjacking in New Orleans that morphed into a pursuit involving police from two agencies.